Key Features

Customised features for our community.

Multi-User Connection

Enhance your social experience by connecting with up to 6 users on a single profile. Whether it's for family, friends, or team collaborations, our platform ensures smooth interaction among multiple members.

Prioritize Your Privacy

We understand that privacy matters. With our enhanced settings, you can opt to hide your profile photos, ensuring that only those you want can view your pictures. Keep control in your hands and share on your own terms.

Safe Image Exchange

Our advanced image detection technology ensures that inappropriate and unsolicited images are promptly flagged and prevented from reaching you. Say goodbye to unwelcome surprises and enjoy a more respectful communication experience.

Screenshot Protection

Safeguard your chats and shared media with our screenshot disabling feature. This ensures that your private conversations and shared moments stay just that – private. Trust in our platform to prioritize your safety and security.

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The date and friend finding app that’s specifically tailored for our community. It’s a networking hub, connecting the consciously likeminded through purposeful and meaningful matches. Download Monogamish today.