Welcome to Monogamish

At Monogamish, we celebrate those who seek all forms of relationships. Regardless of your particular version of Monogamish living, we are here to welcome you to explore and find others who can relate and share the same curiosity.

These Guidelines together with our Terms and Conditions are all about building a safe and fun community. We ask everyone to be kind and respectful, so every person can have a great experience. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in losing access to our platform.


Be original

We strongly advise you to be yourself and make the effort to show that in your profile. We’re all unique, and helping other users learn about your interests will help you get better matches.

We also recommend using our photo verification tool to let other users know that your profile is legit.

Photo guidelines

– Use your own photos.
– No watermarks or text overlaid.
– No kids photos.
– No pornographic material.
– No graphic hunting photos.
– No guns.

Private information

Contacts or other private information, yours or someone else’s, is prohibited.


Monogamish will not tolerate harassment to its members, community or staff in any form.

Hate & Violence

Content found promoting hateful, violent or otherwise disturbing will be removed and users may be permanently banned. This includes, not limiting to memes, images, logos, firearms & symbols.


No soliciting (selling stuff) of any kind, no matter what it is. Users found soliciting may be subject to a review and may be permanently banned.

Anything illegal

Don’t use Monogamish for anything illegal. If it’s illegal in the real world, then it’s illegal on Monogamish.