Safety Tips

Keep well and stay safe

Meeting new people can be exciting, but you should always be mindful when interacting with someone you don’t know. Below are some great tips to help you use your best judgment and put your safety first.

Never Send Money

There’s never any reason to share your bank or credit information. If someone asks you for this information, report it immediately.

Protect Your Personal Information

You wouldn’t share your phone number, home address or other private details to some random person on the street, and you shouldn’t on Monogamish either. It’s worth being mindful with the information you share on your profile. A good example can be describing your career as “Office Manager” at “Accounting Firm” and avoid posting a photo from a location that you’re frequent to.

Report All Suspicious and Offensive Behaviour

We do our best to keep out spam, fake profiles, and anyone who violates our Community Guidelines. If you’ve come across a profile that’s not quite right, the best way to bring our attention to an account is by using the in-app reporting option. Reports are always kept completely anonymous.

Protect Your Account

Don’t share your login credentials. Monogamish will never ask you for these details.