Dating Apps for Open Relationships: Downsides and How to Overcome Them

Statistics reveal that there were 240.9 million dating apps for open relationships users worldwide in 2016. In 2021, the impressive number jumped to 323.9 million users, and it’s not difficult to see why. Aside from the increased popularity because of forced isolation during the pandemic, subscription-based and free online dating apps make it “somewhat easy” to find “the one” (or whoever you’re looking for).

That said, it’s no surprise that the number of monogamous individuals perusing dating apps for open relationships is also steadily increasing. But how high are the success rates of finding a romantic partner via matchmaking apps? And is it always a safe space?

While these dating platforms have perks, they also have downsides that can leave a few users shaken. Knowing about the negatives associated with using these platforms will help you decide what apps work for your needs in cultivating new relationships.

To help you, we will discuss these downsides and how you can overcome them. Let’s delve right into the article.


When using dating apps for open relationships, people tend to want to appear as attractive as possible to bolster their chances of finding a partner. This may lead to people misrepresenting themselves regarding their age, health, weight, and pictures.

Some will try to create a youthful identity (and look for those identities from their matches) to bring a sense of balance to their ageing body but young mind.

Because of this ease of misrepresentation, it can be challenging to get to know someone until you meet them in person.

Discrimination and Hate-Speech

Another downside of using dating apps for those who resort to monogamy is they might experience discrimination and receive hate speech.

The idea of trying out dating apps may look like fun, but it’s a real lion’s den out there. You will come across literal strangers who may have hate concealed against people who are monogamous and who belong to the LGBTIQ+ community. Suffice it to say that this type of dating is not for the faint of heart. Hate messages can proliferate across these platforms and may affect all genders. This negativity can also reduce someone’s self-esteem and can trigger anxiety.


Like offline dating, there’s always a chance for negative occurrences using online dating apps, especially when you and your match start talking. Some users of these dating apps may experience disproportionate harassment and abuse on the platforms.

There’s also the possibility of being trapped in a terrible situation with no way out, including financial exploitation, threats, and verbal abuse.

Unsuccessful Matches

Dating app users have varied interests. Some may head to the platforms to feed their egos, while some use these for amusement.

Consequently, some claim they have met people online with whom they can create lasting relationships, while others say that their relationships failed.

The reasons include the following:

1. Not being able to find anyone worth dating 2. Lacking responses to messages 3. Dates that may lead to not meeting them in person 4. The impersonal and superficial nature of online dating


In addition, the algorithms used to predict potential matches are not always based on good premises. This means that apps that base matches on questionnaires can be problematic because people do not always have accurate insight into themselves, and some intentionally misrepresent their profiles.

Overwhelming Number of Matches

Acceptance and rejection can be overwhelming, especially for those who are sensitive to them. There are thousands, probably millions, of potential matches in dating apps. So, you need to be prepared that they will either initiate or receive requests for your connections. Most importantly, these connections will likely lead nowhere.

The large pool of potential matches can overwhelm those with poor decision-making skills in choosing the right match. You will also tend to make trade-offs between which potential partners to pursue and which ones to avoid. This will connect with the downside discussed above because these overwhelming choices can undermine success rates of finding the right match.

How to Overcome These Downsides

Accessing dating apps for open relationships is a different ballgame from meeting someone in real life, and there are ways it’s not. And just like meeting someone offline, you need to know the positives and negatives associated with joining the pool of these monogamous individuals.

To avoid the pressure, you must prepare yourself for possible rejections. It may also be helpful to reduce the number of profiles you look at, and spend more time looking at each one.

When a match is made, it’s wise not to maintain a long communication period through chat or text. If you wish to pursue your connection, initiate further communication over the phone or via video chat. With this, you may better understand that person and assess how well you interact.

As for guaranteeing safety and data security, you can do a light background check on your match by asking for details on their social media accounts.

Lastly, before you download an app, make sure that you read ratings and reviews and the indicated privacy practices of that dating platform. This will give you an idea of how secure and safe the app is and whether it can cater to your requirements, especially regarding data privacy.

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Finding love and building consensual relationships should not include discrimination and factors that may compromise data security and safety.

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